combined_wyt_cys_verticalTwo opportunities. One application.

All expenses paid! FREE! 

Youth Tour

Experience Washington, D.C., with 1,500 high school juniors from across South Carolina and the country, meeting lawmakers and touring all the sights. Horry Electric will cover your round-trip plane ticket, tours, and meals.  You pay nothing. It’s FREE! 

Cooperative Youth Summit

Experience South Carolina’s capital like never before. Tour the Statehouse, meet lawmakers and see how co-ops are preparing for our state’s energy future. Plus, there’s plenty of fun with visits to popular Columbia attractions. Horry Electric covers all of your expenses. It’s FREE! 

We will be sponsoring four students on each trip. Did we tell you all expenses would be paid?

Apply by February 22, 2019.  A form that can be downloaded and printed is available on or you can apply online by clicking on the graphic! electric cooperative youth tour big banner






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