Contractors notified about new charges

LOFYLogoGreenTextAs a not-for-profit electric cooperative, Horry Electric operates on a cost of service basis.  This means expenses must be charged to their source and not absorbed by the membership. Our service charges for these types of expenses are calculated at cost.

Two service charges were recently reviewed by and approved by the board of trustees that could have an impact on construction projects. They were approved at the October meeting of the board of trustees.  Letters about the service charges have been mailed to contractors so they are aware of the implementation of the charges, which will be effective immediately.

Dropping Lines for Tree Trimming/Removal:

Requests for a line to be dropped for the purpose of tree removal will be inspected by an Horry Electric employee no later than the end of the following business day at no charge.  If approved, work will be scheduled at a later date with the appropriate manpower and equipment at no charge.  If the work is deemed an emergency and needs to be completed immediately, the member making the request will be charged a minimum of $500.  The total charge is based on the cost to provide two servicemen, a service truck and a bucket truck for two hours.

Delayed Plow-In:

In order for crews to be able to plow-in, all obstacles must be removed.  This includes, but is not limited to trusses, bricks, dumpsters, lumber and concrete trucks.  If the work crew arrives at the job and there are obstacles preventing them from doing the work, a $500 charge will be assessed and the work will be rescheduled. If the obstacles remain when the work crew reports on the new date, an additional $500 charge will be assessed.  The $500 charge will be applied per occurrence. 

Contractors are encouraged to call the Cooperative at 843.369.2211 if they have questions about these charges.

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