Get credit for helping us take a load off!

HEC Load Management  4x3 5 rev2 (3)We have a new program! 

Effective immediately, members who agree to allow Horry Electric  to install a load management device on a qualifying, minimum 50 gallon electric water heater, will get a one-time $50 electric bill credit!

Qualifying water heaters can be no older than 5 years of age and must meet ASHRAE Standard 90 or the National Appliance Efficiency Standard (NAES).

Enrollment in the H2O Load Management program is easy.  “Members who want to take part in the new program will need to complete and sign an enrollment form and, in signing the form, give permission to Horry Electric have an approved contractor install a load management device on any qualifying water heaters in their home,” says Penelope Hinson, spokesperson for Horry Electric Cooperative. “One of our approved contractors or one of our energy management representatives will review the enrollment form, which includes confirming the age of the water heater,” she continues. “After everything is confirmed, an HEC approved contractor will install the switch and then a credit of $50 per switch will be applied to the member’s account.”

The one-time $50 electric bill credit applies to each switch installed in the home.  “If a member has two water heaters that qualify for the program, the contractor will install two switches and the member will get a $100 electric bill credit,” says Hinson.

Switch installations must comply with all local and state plumbing, as well as National Electric Code (NEC) specifications.

H2O Load Management Enrollment Form

What is Load Management? 

Load Management uses a small control switch which interrupts power to an appliance or motor.  This switch is connected to your appliance. Through operation of the switch, Horry Electric is able to take the load of the appliance off of the system  for short periods of time during peak hours of energy use.

Will I be inconvenienced?

No.  Members who participate in load management programs rarely notice the switch has operated. The reserve in the water heater tank should supply plenty of hot water during the time a water heater is cycled off.

Does this program lower my monthly electric bill? 

Our load management program does not reduce the direct cost of your monthly electric bill. It does, however, reduce the amount of kilowatt-hours purchased by Horry Electric during peak times of energy use. This helps Horry Electric keep rates down. Power purchased during peak hours is expensive.

Why does load management make sense? 

Everyone wins when electricity is used efficiently. Participating members win because they are proactively helping control future power costs.  On top of that, they get an immediate one-time $50 electric bill credit,   Horry Electric wins because we’re able to take the load of the water heater off of the system, which reduces the amount of electricity used during peak hours. This saves kilowatt demand charges on the power bill, which can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing power, which benefits all members.

Who will install the switch?
Horry Electric has a list of qualified, approved contractors who are responsible for switch installations.

How long will the installation take? Will I need to be at home?
The installation should not take longer than an hour. For the installation of a water heater switch,  an appointment is necessary. If you are having more than one switch installed the entire installation will take longer than an hour.

If I need service, maintenance or replacement of my water heater, what should I do?

You will need to make the service technician aware that you are participating in the  load management program so they do  not inadvertently disconnect the switch. Ask the technician to call Horry Electric if they have questions. In addition to keeping a list of approved contractors to install the switches, we keep a list of  approved contractors who are qualified plumbing contractors.

What if I move or sell my home?
Please let the new renter/owner know about the switch and that you are participating in the load management program. We will be glad to answer any question(s) the new renter/owner may have about our program.

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