August 19, 2014 – Rest Easy just got easier!

rest easy feetOur Equal Pay and Bank Draft programs were already a winning combination that helped members ‘rest easy’, but recent changes to the program have made it even more easy!

The Equal Pay program  helps participating members guard against huge changes in their monthly  electric bill.  Our Bank Draft program, helps participating members pay their electric bill on time, every time – without having to write a check.

The Equal Pay and Bank Draft programs work together so members can truly Rest Easy when it comes to their electric bill.

Members are able to participate in the Bank Draft program without signing up for Equal Pay, but participation in Equal Pay, requires signing up for Bank Draft.

With Equal Pay, Horry Electric considers past energy use to determine the average payment.  Members are able to anticipate the amount they’ll owe each month, which makes household budgeting easier than ever before! Bank Draft eliminates the need to mail a check and assures on-time payments!

You Qualify If:

You have a residential account; have no more than 1 returned payment in the past 24 months; pay the existing account in full before setting up the Equal Pay Agreement and have a 12 month billing history. Other restrictions apply.


Just access and download the Rest Easy brochure, which includes the Equal Pay/Bank Draft Contract that all participating members must sign in order to get started. You’ll need to include a voided check when you send the completed contract by mail or drop it off at either of our two office locations.

If you participate in Operation Round Up, please make note that participants in the Rest Easy program are automatically removed from that list because of the calculation method used to determine an Equal Pay amount.  Members who want to continue participating in the Operation Round Up program by adding 50 cents per month to their monthly payment, are asked to indicate their intention to do so in the space provided on the contract.


Questions?  Give us a call at 843.369.2211.

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