Have you tried it?

From our home page, as well as from any other page on horryelectric.com,  there are two options to get access to MyEnergy Online.

  • myenergyonlinehomepagegraphicAccount Access takes you to the main landing page of the portal. This is where we put special announcements and basic information about the portal.  From the landing page, one more click is required to log in.
  • Make a Payment takes you directly to the member login screen so you can pay on your account, view your energy use, view your billing history and set up alerts.

Once you are logged in, the system will take you to an account summary screen that lists all the active accounts you have with Horry Electric Cooperative.  This is especially helpful for members with multiple accounts on the system.

The account summary screen provides a quick view of the due dates and the account balances for each account.  Based on that information, a member may decide to log out at that point because there is no payment due.  The other option is to select ‘Continue’ to go to the next step in the process.

Getting registered to use the portal for the first time does require some additional steps, but all following visits require only one click on our home page to get to the login screen to make a payment.  Selecting Account Access rather than the Make a Payment option does require an extra step to get to the login screen.  Selecting Make a Payment takes you straight to the login screen.

Some members have  bookmarked MyEnergy Online so they can go straight to the portal without going to our home page.



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