HEC local pay station changes effective June 30; July 1


Signs announcing the change, which is effective June 30, have been posted in all Horry County branch locations of NBSC, a division of Synovus Bank.

Effective June 30, 2014, Horry Electric Cooperative electric bill payments will no longer be accepted at the Horry County locations of NBSC, a division of Synovus Bank.
“Members who have been used to making their electric bill payment at NBSC for the past few years won’t have to search far for a new local pay station, ” says Danny Shelley, chief financial officer for Horry Electric. “On July 1, all seven branches of Anderson Brothers Bank in Horry County will begin accepting Horry Electric bill payments.”

“We would eventually like to build a district office in the western part of the county, but it just hasn’t been economically feasible for us to do it,” says James P. “Pat” Howle, executive vice president and CEO of Horry Electric. “We consider ourselves very fortunate to have relationships with local banks that are willing to offer our members  the convenience of making a payment in their branch locations.

Putting off construction of a district office in the Loris/Little River/Longs area has been and continues to be among many cost-cutting measures taken by the Cooperative during the past several years. “Maintaining space and people in a district office would be an extra expense our members just can’t take on now,” says Shelley. “At the same time, we know we need to be able to offer our members in that area convenient options to make electric bill payments.”

Working out agreements with local banks to accept payments has proven to be a huge success. “It is also less expensive than building something on our own and staffing it,” says Shelley. On average, about 6,000 members take advantage of making an electric bill payment, in person, at the seven branches of Conway National Bank in Horry County. Approximately 3,000 members per month have been making their payments at the branches of NBSC. “It’s a convenience our members clearly appreciate and they are definitely taking advantage of it,” says Shelley.

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