April bills to include Current Word

Horry CurrentWord 14 March rev2_Page_1When members open their billing statement from Horry Electric in April, they’re  going to find the Spring 2014 edition of Current Word.

Current Word  is a newsletter produced periodically to call attention to specific activities or information members need to know.

The 2014 Annual Meeting of Members, scheduled for Tuesday, May 13,  is the primary focus of the newsletter.

Also featured in the Spring 2014 edition of Current Word;

  • Look up before you plant – Ensuring members have reliable and efficient electric service is a driving force at Horry Electric. One way we do this is by maintaining a clear path, or right-of-way easement, around power lines.
  • Stand with Horry Electric for lower power costs – Members are encouraged to visit http://sc.tellepa.com to send a direct message to the EPA. Tell them their plan won’t work for your family, your community or our nation’s economy.
  • Horry Electric is returning $1.6 million in capital credits to members in April! As a not-for-profit utility, Horry Electric returns revenues that exceed operating costs to members through capital credits. Due to the expense of processing and issuing checks, capital credit refunds below $10 will be credited to the individual’s electric account. Capital credit checks are expected to be delivered to members by the end of April.  For more details, see page 20 D of the April 2014 edition of South Carolina Living magazine. To learn more about Capital Credits, visit horryelectric.com.





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