Multiple locations for registration/voting this year

2014 ANNUAL MEETING REGISTRATION AND BUS STOPSWe learned a lot from our experience at the 2013 Annual Meeting of Members. Thankfully, we were able to  quickly put a ‘Plan B’ into action to  relieve the long lines and congestion  caused by the large number of people  who all showed up at the Annual  Meeting of Members long before  registration even began at noon.

This year, we’re making Plan B  from last year our Plan A. We’re  setting up multiple locations for  registration/voting rather than  limiting it to just one. All locations are  accessible for members with personal  wheelchairs, Segways or scooters. Unfortunately, we are not able to  provide this type of equipment.

Designated parking for members with  their Handicap placard displayed will  be clearly marked in the parking lot registration/voting locations. There is  Handicap parking already designated  and marked around The HTC Center.

Convenient courtesy shuttles will  be provided again this year, where  necessary. The plan for the shuttles  will be outlined in the May edition  of South Carolina Living magazine.

Shuttles will run in a continuous loop  from the multiple registration/voting  locations to The HTC Center, which  is where the entertainment, business  meeting and prize drawing will take  place. To make it easier for members  to remember where they left their  vehicle, each driver will be given  a disposable bracelet, color coded  specifically for the stop they boarded  the shuttle.

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