South Carolina Living scheduled for delivery mid-November!

thanksgivingandchristmasclosingThe  2013 November/December edition of South Carolina Living magazine won’t be delivered to mailboxes in Horry County until mid-month, but the local content is available online now!  This is the last edition of the magazine in 2013! We’re already working on the January 2014 edition and look forward to another year of keeping members updated on news and information about their electric cooperative!

Local highlights include:

  • CEO Column  – “Overall, it was a good year: Annual Meeting plans under development”
  • Merry Christmas from us to you – includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holiday schedule.
  • Carry the card – Headed to the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Bowl? You can score some tasty discounts!
  • ‘Running water meant so much’ – feature about an HEC member who knows firsthand what electricity meant to farmers
  • How to become a trustee of Horry Electric Cooperative and the Annual Meeting time schedule. Includes dates for the appointment of members to the nominating committee and the posting of the report of the nominating committee, as well as the deadline date for petition candidates.

James P. "Pat" Howle, Executive Vice President and CEOCEO Extra:

As I shared with members in my column for this month, our planning group is still working out the specific details of the plans for Annual Meeting.  I was more than glad, as I promised last June,  to be able to share with you how we hoped things would work out for 2014.

In addition to the HTC Center, our planning team had targeted three large parking lot areas on campus for registration and voting.   They worked with officials and department heads in the Information Technology areas of CCU and HTC to confirm IT infrastructure was in place to accomplish registration and voting in multiple locations on the campus of Coastal Carolina, which is the site of the 2014 event.

Although IT infrastructure was confirmed for all  locations, CCU notified us this week of construction plans that will involve closing off the access to one of the three parking lot locations we showed on the draft parking design that was included with my column.

The good news is that the HTC Center and the other two large parking lot areas remain confirmed for IT purposes and have also been confirmed by CCU as locations in which we can definitely set up registration and voting.  As soon as we were notified that one of the locations was going to be unavailable, we started looking for a replacement location.

 Our next Annual Meeting planning update will be in the January 2014 edition of South Carolina Living. We should be able to report a confirmed replacement location at that time.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The dates listed on the printed version of Page 5 of the November/December edition of South Carolina Living Horry Electric are not correct.  Horry Electric will be closed November 28-29, December 24 at 1:00 p.m., December 2526 and January 1 for the holidays. 

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