Need your new account number?

my energy onlineEffective October 1, 2013, Horry Electric is using a new billing software. All members are impacted by the conversion to the new software and all account numbers have changed. NEW ACCOUNT NUMBERS ARE REQUIRED for access to the member portal.

Members can look up their NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER using their OLD ACCOUNT NUMBER with one of two different Horry Electric Account Lookup Tools.

“We’ve been talking about it being available online since we first announced the MyEnergy Online member portal was open for business, but the same information is also available by phone,” says Gail Morton, supervisor of the service department for Horry Electric.

Horry electric cooperative account lookup toolBY PHONE:  Simply dial 843.369.2211 and press ‘2’ to access information on your account or to make a payment.  This action transfers you an automated attendant that will advise you to have your account number ready.

For the next several weeks, there is another message in place that advises callers that all account numbers have changed, effective October 1.

  •  If you know your new account number, you can press ‘1’.
  • If you do not know your new account number, you’ll be asked to press ‘2’.  Be sure to have your old account number ready to provide, when prompted by the automated attendant.

myenergyonlinehomepagegraphicONLINE: “The Account Lookup Tool is available online in a variety of places,” says Morton. “We’ve included it on the landing page of the “Account Access’ option to MyEnergy Online portal, as well as on the landing page for the ‘Make a Payment’ option.”  It’s also included in the Quick Links box located on the right-hand side of every page in

“The member portal is easy to spot on our home page,” says Morton.  “When we replaced the old portal with the new one between September 30 and October 1, we didn’t change the location on our web page for the service.”

MyEnergy Online, which replaced ‘Manage My Account’, is located on the left-hand side of every page in  “It’s in the same location, but we made the icon for the new portal much larger than the old one and the destination, once you click on one of the two optons available, is also very different,” says Morton.

Ready to get started?  Get your NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER!

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