A good thing just got better! Is Advance Pay right for you?

payadNo more late fees? No more disconnect or reconnect fees? No more security deposit?

By signing up to participate in Horry Electric’s Advance Pay, a pay-as-you-go plan, you can join the more than 4,000 members who have already said ‘goodbye’ to all of that and ‘HELLO’ to flexibility and control.

With Advance Pay, members have the opportunity to pay for electricity when they want and in the amounts they want.  “If it would be easier for you to make weekly or biweekly payments rather than one large payment each month, then you’ll want to consider our Advance Pay program,” says Gail Morton, supervisor of the service department for Horry Electric.

“Members who are already participating tell us they love not getting an electric bill and that being a part of the program has really helped them lower their energy use because they’re more aware of how much they are using on a daily basis.”

Participants in the program don’t get a monthly bill, but that’s because they’re paying for electric service in advance. Use is calculated daily and account history is available online and by phone, any time of day or night.

Before making a decision about participating in the program, members are encouraged to carefully read the Advance Pay Agreement/Terms and Conditions to determine if it is the right choice for them. A brochure that outlines the program and the agreement that must be signed by participants are both available on horryelectric.com. Information can also be obtained by calling Horry Electric at (843) 369-2211 and asking a service representative to explain the program.

my energy online“The conversion to our new billing system this month has brought some positive changes to the program,” says Morton. Miscellaneous fees have gone down from 94 cents per day to 54 cents per day and the transaction charges for credit cards and E-checks have been reduced.

Members also have more control over their alerts and reminders with the new system. “Advance Pay participants will be able to access their account through the MyEnergy Online portal and set up alerts and reminders to be delivered by email, text message or by phone,” says Morton. Alerts that can be set up include a low-balance threshold, a returned-check alert, payment confirmation and an account balance and energy-use alert, among others.

Want to give it a try?

Existing members can easily switch from a traditional account to an Advance Pay account. The minimum amount needed to transfer the status of the account is $75. That includes a required $50 balance, plus the $20 connect fee and a $5 application fee. Any existing security deposit will be credited to your current account balance. If you later decide the program is not for you and you want to convert back to a standard account, a deposit may be required. The amount will be determined based on current policy and a credit check.

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