New look for bills next month

new bill sampleThe electric bill statements mailed this month by Horry Electric look the same as they have for the past several years, but members will notice a big change when they open their statements in October. It’s all part of the billing system conversion to Southeastern Data Cooperative (SEDC) that will go into effect for the Cooperative and all members on October 1.

A sample of the new bill format is included in the September edition of South Carolina Living magazine.  A sample will also be enclosed with October bills, to help familiarize members with the new format.

“I tip my hat to the conversion planning team at Horry Electric for their efforts to put together a clean and professional looking billing statement,” says James P. “Pat” Howle, executive vice president and CEO of Horry Electric. “They used sample bills from a variety of other co-ops and solicited input from several different employees and even some members while working on this project,” he continues. “The result is something I am confident members will find easier to read and understand.”

“We’re excited about the changes our members will be seeing in October and urge members to stay tuned for updates and important information so they’ll be ready,” says Howle, adding that all account numbers will change on October 1.  “We want this transition to be successful for everyone,” he continues. “There are a lot of details to cover and we’re using all the communications tools we have available to let members know what’s ahead and what they need to know to be ready.

The conversion was first announced in the August edition of South Carolina Living magazine, with a follow-up report published in the September edition.  Members who use specific programs and services that will be impacted by the conversion are being contacted directly by email or letter. “We’re following up on all of those direct communications with our social media outlets to help make sure all of our bases are covered” says Howle.  Additional details will be provided in the October and the November/December editions of South Carolina Living magazine.

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