Final destination will be worth it

James P. “Pat” Howle, Executive Vice President and CEO

 The path to implementing change is rarely easy, but the final destination is usually worth the trip.

Your co-op started out on a path to change our billing software more than a year ago. We’ve been taking our time and working through the process of converting to Southeastern Data Cooperative (SEDC), which is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. We’ve been working to make sure the transition for employees and for members is as smooth and easy as possible. Our conversion team has left no stone unturned in the process.

Going live October 1

We will reach our destination at the end of September and will be ready to launch the new system the first of October. Using conversion jargon, Horry Electric will officially go live with member account information on October 1 and everything we do will be through the new software.

Please note that Horry Electric’s offices will be closed on Monday, September 30, in final preparation of our go-live date of October 1. We are doing this to help insure a smooth start.

Cost and efficiency improvements

As a co-op owned by you, our members, we are always looking for ways to effectively manage costs and improve operational efficiency. The conversion to SEDC helps us with both.

From a cost standpoint, the conversion is already saving us at least a quarter of a million dollars this year in software changes.

From an operational efficiency standpoint, the SEDC product is more user friendly. Service representatives will be able to navigate through the software much more easily when working with a member by phone or in person.

Wait, there’s more!

With the change, comes a user-friendly, dynamic online account portal. MyEnergyOnline will provide members access to their individual account to check billing and payment history; view their bill; make a payment; set up and manage email or text alerts; monitor energy use and even run a BillingInsights analysis of energy use and keep track of progress made with individual energy-saving efforts.

Stay tuned!

We’re excited about the changes ahead. Look for details about our conversion to SEDC in the September, October and November/December editions of South Carolina Living, as well as on and through our social media outlets.



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