$608,000 dollars in prescription savings for members using Co-op Connections® Card.

WOW! Last month, members of Horry Electric surpassed $608,000 dollars in prescription savings by using the Co-op Connections® Card!  “This is just another benefit of being an Horry Electric Cooperative member,” says Penelope Hinson, manager of public relations, marketing and energy management. “Best of all, the Co-op Connections® Card is free for members to use.”

With their card, members can get discounts from businesses in the local community including dining, shopping, automotive and much more.

Additional benefits include 10%-85% off prescriptions at over 60,000 participating pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and many more, including several local pharmacies.

To locate providers in our area:

  • Call 800-800-7616.
  • Look on the back of your card, find the group and member numbers and use them to log on to www.locateproviders.com. Next, enter your zip code to search for nearby pharmacies. Don’t forget to visit www.rxpricequotes.com to find the best deal in town for your particular medication.

The prescription discount available through the Co-op Connections® Card has been very successful.  Additional discounts for dental, vision, hearing, lab work and imagining and chiropractor visits are included in the program and they’re all FREE!

As a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, Horry Electric is always “Looking out for you.”

Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives’ Co-op Connections® Discount Card program at Horry Electric Cooperative

Questions? For details on the program or information on how to become a participating business, please contact Toni Gore by phone at 843.369.6359 or via email.

IMPORTANT: When printing your card, be sure to select Horry Electric Cooperative as your co-op!

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