Howle reports good news

Pat Howle

James P. “Pat” Howle
Executive Vice President
and CEO

Survey results are in and Touchstone Energy® co-ops tied our all-time high score in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. ACSI annually surveys some 70,000 consumers, gauging their attitudes toward more than 200 companies. Touchstone Energy co-ops scored an 85 while the average for investor-owned power companies was significantly lower at 76. As a point of reference our scores beat famous brands like Southwest Airlines (77), McDonalds (73) and Facebook (61).

Touchstone Energy is the national brand for 742 of the nation’s consumer-owned electric cooperatives. Across the country electric co-ops serve as incubators for local businesses, facilitators of regional planning and catalysts for economic growth.  We recognize that affordable reliable electric service is not an end in itself but a means of achieving a better quality of life in our community.

Horry Electric is proud to be part of such a highly regarded and successful network of cooperative utilities.  I’m humbled by the positive response of you and your fellow members to surveys such as ASCI.


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