“We’re almost ready,” says Howle

Pat Howle

James P. “Pat” Howle
Executive Vice President and CEO

If you keep up with your co-op through our social media outlets or through South Carolina Living magazine, then you are already very familiar with most of our plans for the big event – Annual Meeting 2013.

It has been a major focus for all of us at Horry Electric for more than a year. We’ve kept our promise to keep members updated. A few members have commented they have felt like they’ve been a part of the planning process. That’s a good thing. We want members to be ready for the event, and we hope you realize that all plans have been made with you, our members, in mind.

Make sure of the date
Your Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, at The HTC  Center on the campus of Coastal Carolina University. We say it is your  meeting, because it is one of the most  important and best examples of how  your membership matters.  There is a  quorum requirement  in order for business to be officially  conducted at the meeting. That’s why  we’re doing everything we can to
make attending the Annual Meeting of  Members as convenient and rewarding  as possible.

A few reminders
Please remember that only members who register, in person, to participate  in the Annual Meeting of Members between the hours of noon and 7 p.m. on May 14 are eligible to receive the Registration Gift. There are absolutely no exceptions! The Registration Gift is an electric bill credit. This year, the board of trustees decided to increase the amount from $15 to $25.

Official Notice/Registration Postcards will be mailed to members prior to the meeting. Please put your card in a safe place when it is delivered. You’ll need to bring it, plus some form of photo identification, when you come to the Annual Meeting. The registration process goes a lot faster and runs much more smoothly when members have their postcard and photo identification
ready when they get to the front of the line.

Prize drawing entry automatic
Each member who registers, in person, at the meeting during the designated hours for Registration, will not only qualify to get the Registration Gift, but will also be automatically entered into the prize drawing. Effective this year, members no longer have to be present at the time of the prize drawing in order to win. Winners, if they are not present, will be notified by phone the following day.
Stay tuned, more to come
May 14 is going to be an exciting day for all of us at Horry Electric.  We’ll see you then!

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