Special notification made to more than 3,200

Outage Mail 3

Members who will be affected
by a planned outage scheduled in April
received notification postcards this week.

Horry Electric has planned an outage in the Longs area for a project that will impact more than 3,200 members and take about five days to complete,” says Mitchell Benton, distribution engineer for Horry Electric.  The planned outage is scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 9 and all work is expected to be complete by Friday, April 19. “Outages during this time will take place during normal working hours and could last as long as five hours.”

Not all 3,200 members will be out every day of the time scheduled for the outage, but all have been notified of the event by mail.  “The purpose of the notification by mail was to alert members about the project and advise them that notification of the exact date and time their service will be affected would be made by telephone,” says Benton. “We’ll  be using the contact information they have provided to us for our system, so accounts with incorrect information will not receive a phone call.”  Reminder phone calls are also planned.

“We’re continually asking members to check their electric bill to verify we have the correct phone number and we  often publish reminders about the importance of accurate information in our system,” says Benton. “If a member isn’t sure if their information is correct, they are always welcome and are definitely encouraged to call the office to verify it with a service representative.”

The scheduled planned outage is necessary for crews to convert the system to a higher operating voltage in the Longs area. It is a large project and a great deal of work has gone into preparing for this last stage with minimal outage time. “We regret any inconvenience it may cause, but we have no choice but to cut power so crews can work safely,” says Benton. “We appreciate the patience and understanding of members when they are impacted by these types of outages and we stand behind our assurance it will greatly improve the quality of their electric service.”

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