March edition of South Carolina Living available online now!

The  March 2013 edition of South Carolina Living magazine is fully loaded with information for Horry Electric members.   Copies will soon be delivered to mailboxes, but you can access our local content for the MARCH 2013 edition of SCL now!

marchsclcoverHighlights include:

  • CEO Column  – It’s right around the corner; Annual Meeting 2013 planning continues
  • Looking out for You – What to expect on May 14Registration and Voting are two of the most important things members will be doing at the Annual Meeting. We want members to know what to expect.
  • Look up and around before planting something new – a reminder to’keep your distance’ when it comes to electric equipment
  • Plugged-in kids – Website offers fun ways to ‘switch on’ youth to energy efficiency
  • Protect against power surges – Find out how they cause damage and what you can do to protect your property
  • Safety is top priority – On the job, plus to and from – Find out about a risk HEC wanted to be aggressive about eliminating

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