Time schedule and candidate guidelines published for 2013 event

Horry Electric publishes the process that must be followed in order for a member to be considered as a candidate for the Board of Trustees in the November/December edition of South Carolina Living magazine.  A time schedule is also published. 

I.  QUALIFICATIONS: Below are the qualifications that must be met before a person can be elected to the Cooperative’s Board of Trustees:

A. Must be a member in good standing with the Cooperative and receive electric service from the Cooperative at his or her primary abode.

B. Must reside in the Trustee District from which Trustee is to be elected.

C. Shall not be a close relative of an incumbent board member, or of an existing employee of the Cooperative, or be employed by the Cooperative, or have been employed by the Cooperative at any time during the preceding five (5) years.

D. Must not be employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise, or a business selling electric energy or supplies to the Cooperative, or a business primarily engaged in selling electrical or plumbing appliances, fixtures, supplies or wiring to, among others, the members of the Cooperative.

II. NOMINATIONS: Below are the two methods that may be used to become nominated for the purpose of being elected as a member of the Cooperative’s Board of Trustees.

A. A member may be nominated by the appointed Nominating Committee of the Cooperative as a candidate for the Board of Trustees from the Trustee District in which the member lives and for that District’s seat. The Nominating Committee will meet in January prior to the Annual Meeting held in May. For the exact date of the Nominating Committee meeting, call the office at 369-2211.

B. A member can also be nominated by petition as a candidate for the Board of Trustees from the Trustee District in which the member lives and for that District’s seat. Official forms must be obtained from the Cooperative and must be signed by any twenty-five or more active member/owners in order to be considered valid. The deadline for petition candidates is sixty days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting of Members.

III. ELECTION: The following is how the election will take place at the Annual Meeting:

All members who have been nominated by the Nominating Committee or who have been nominated by petition will have their names appear on the official ballot of the Cooperative. The members who are in attendance at the Annual Meeting will then select their representative to the Board of Trustees by secret ballot. If a member has been properly nominated and has no opposition, that member may be voted to the Board of Trustees by acclamation.

For additional information on this procedure, please refer to the Cooperative’s Bylaws, which are posted on horryelectric.com. For a printed copy of the Bylaws, just drop by the office on Cultra Road in Conway.

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