HEC members should be aware of a scam

Yesterday, Horry Electric responded to what is a scam involving individuals who are calling members, specifically businesses,  posing as a representative of Horry Electric.

The scam artists state immediate payment is needed to avoid disconnection of utility services.

A number of members have reported that the suspicious calls show up on caller ID as 317-493-5507. Horry Electric warns that any calls from this number should be reported to local law enforcement.

Credit card numbers and personal information should not be provided to suspicious callers. If a member receives a suspicious call, mailing, email or other type of unusual contact or offer from a person or company claiming to be from or working on behalf of  Horry Electric, the member should end the call immediately and contact local law enforcement.

Members should also call Horry Electric  at 843.369.2211 to report the incident. Service representatives can help confirm a bill payment, service work, or an appointment at a members home or business.

One response to “HEC members should be aware of a scam

  1. They are using a new phone number with the same tactic. They want you to go and send money from a location. in this case it was Food Lion and wanted you to use Money Pak.
    They are playing it as a team. Bill collector and technicians who is coming to disconnect the power.
    Phone number they used: 855-842-1305

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