Parking; shuttle service details in place for Annual Meeting

2013 Annual Meeting Parking Design

Planning an Annual Meeting at a new site after having hosted it at the Convention Center for more than 40 years has been a challenge.

In his column from the November/December edition of  South Carolina Living, CEO Pat Howle stresses that parking, shuttle service and traffic logistics were high on the list of planning priorities.

The illustration shown on the left can be found on page 5 of the same edition of South Carolina Living. It shows the general layout of the campus, the parking  areas reserved for members the day of the meeting and the location of the Convocation Center.

The most convenient parking for members is going to be in the areas designated as ‘long-term’. Only members who park in these areas will be shuttled directly to and from the front door of the Convocation Center.

Several shuttle buses have been reserved that will make a continuous loop throughout the day. Five bus stops are shown on the illustration. All are located  near at least one of the long-term parking areas.

To make it easy for members to remember where they left their vehicle, each driver will be given a disposable bracelet color coded specifically for the stop they boarded the shuttle.

The areas for short-term parking are located within a comfortable walking distance to the front door of the Convocation Center. CCU is a walking campus, which means there is plenty of pavement and lighting. Members with Handicap placards displayed will be directed to the appropriate area. The building entrance is designed for access with the personal wheelchairs, Segways or scooters of members who need to use them.

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