Production halt ends tradition at Horry Electric

The manufacturer of the popular Cardui Calendar and Ladies Birthday Almanac  has announced the 2012 version was its last.  “They’ve stopped production, so that means we won’t have any available to distribute to members for 2013,” says Toni Gore, marketing and public relations assistant for the cooperative.

“We feel it is our duty to inform you, the loyal customers over the existence of these two publications, of our intentions to discontinue the Cardui Calendar and Ladies Birthday Almanac due to declining market demand,” a release sent by the manufacturer to distributors said. “I am sure you can understand that every service must have a viable commercial basis to continue operating and, unfortunately, while the Cardui Calendar and Ladies Birthday Almanac were so beloved by loyal customers like you, they were not generating the revenue necessary to continue these businesses.”

“We didn’t learn the news until we tried to place our order for 2013,” says Gore.  “Of course, we’re disappointed and we know our members who love the calendar will be equally disappointed.”

The Cardui Calendar and Ladies Birthday Almanac was in production for 122 years.  “Horry Electric has ordered and distributed both products to members on a first-come, first-serve basis for as long as anyone at the office can remember,” says Gore, noting that includes employees with more than 35 years of service.  “We suspect the tradition started in the 1960s with the late Leo Knauff, who worked at Horry Electric for decades in a variety of roles including member services and energy education,” she explains.

The Cardui Calendars and Ladies Birthday Almanacs were usually made available to members in October and November. “It’s going to be hard telling members the calendars and almanacs are no longer in production and we hope they’ll understand that it is something that was completely beyond our control,” says Gore. “We’re just as disappointed as they are because the production halt put an end to a tradition we looked forward to each year at Horry Electric.”

One response to “Production halt ends tradition at Horry Electric

  1. NOTE: The Cardui Calendar and the Ladies’ Birthday Almanac were a Southern tradition and folks are understandably disappointed. The Chattanooga Medical Company (now Chattem) printed both for over 120 years.

    We have received a few phone calls about products similar to The Cardui Calendar and Ladies Birthday Almanacs. While they are similar and are called ‘cardui’, they are not the same product. The quality is not the same and the cost is higher.

    Several different versions of The Old Farmer’s Almanac are available from a variety of sources and can likely be found in your favorite grocery, book or drugstore.

    For more information:

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