T 12 no longer in production

Fluorescent bulb no longer in production 

One of the most common lighting sources in commercial buildings is no longer in production. As of July 14, American production of the T12 fluorescent lamp stopped.  The 1.5″ diameter tubes do not meet efficiency standards put forth in the Energy Independence and Security Act, a bipartisan bill enacted in 2007. With an estimated 500 million T12 lamps still installed in non-residential applications, the lamps represent nearly 30% of all fluorescent lamp sales.

The end of production is expected to have a big impact. While sale of the existing lamps is not banned, they can no longer be manufactured–so with supply diminishing, their cost will rise. So far, conversion to more efficient fluorescent lighting, such as T8 and T5 lamps has been slow, despite demonstrated energy savings of 35 to 45 percent. 

Source: The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina

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