Cool off bills with online tools

Scorching temperatures and high electric bills don’t need to arrive hand-in-hand this summer. At Horry Electric Cooperative, we are committed to providing you with not only safe and reliable electric service, but also with information you need to save energy and keep electric bills affordable when the heat is on.

Powerful tools

One of the most powerful tools in Horry Electric’s energy-saving arsenal is The website offers nine applications focusing on different actions that, once completed, show an actual savings calculation. For example,in the “Lower Your Water Heater Temperature” application, you can virtually adjust the temperature setting on the water heater dial to see a projection of how much money you could save just by doing that.

Take the Virtual Home Tour on to find even more ways to cut costs. You can ‘walk’ through a home’s family room, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom and basement and attic. Each area reveals at least two actions you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency. As you move through the room and complete the suggested changes, you will see a running tally of potential energy dollar savings.

The website also provides access to the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives TV Web Portal where you can view short energy-efficiency videos.

You can even connect with other energy-conscious members by sharing your story about what you are doing to be more efficient.

Additional insight

In less than 10 minutes, members can learn more about their individual home’s energy use than they imagined, free! To get started, all you need is your Horry Electric account number and access to Simply click on the BillingInsights button, enter your Horry Electric account number and select the “I am interested in viewing or printing a comprehensive report of my energy use” option. Then complete the Home Profile.

BillingInsights is tied to actual billing and kWh use history for your account, our local weather data and our rates. As long as you enter the information in your Home Profile as accurately as possible, you will get accurate results.

BillingInsights also offers low-cost/no-cost recommendations and suggestions for long-term investments that can help lower energy costs.

We want to help you reach your energy-saving goals. So, go ahead: flip a switch, lower the blinds, raise the temperature on your thermostat and visit us at to find out how little changes can cool off your electric bill.

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