Powerful online energy tools customized for you

TogetherWeSave.coman online portal to energy savings tips,  is customized for members of Horry Electric Cooperative! 

To access the information, visit horryelectric.com and click on the link to TogetherWeSave.com, our online portal to energy savings tips. Real dollar savings projections – based on your electric rate and our climate zone – are provided to see how small changes in behavior can add up to big savings.

Once you arrive at the site, enter your ZIP code to be redirected to the section customized for Horry Electric Cooperative members.

You can watch videos that provided detailed instructions about energy savings practices, add up your potential savings with a Virtual Home Tour and much more! 

Live in a manufactured home?  There’s a separate Virtual Home Tour for you!

Additional online sources just for members

 In less than 10 minutes, you can learn more about your energy use than you ever imagined. To get started, all you need is your Horry Electric account number and access to horryelectric.com.  BillingInsights is a FREE service available to members of Horry Electric.


MyUsage.com is a FREE power awareness program for members that helps you save money and the environment by promoting energy conservation. With this tool, you can see the amount of energy you use on a daily basis; view your daily use for the last 30 days, along with the average temperature and even set up email alerts for daily use and use that exceeds a limit you specify.

One response to “Powerful online energy tools customized for you

  1. Shawna Henderson

    Reblogged this on REBlock® and commented:
    We really like the kind of tool that Horry Electric Cooperative in South Carolina has put together for their customers. We’re working on something similar for cold Canadian climates!

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