Trying new method of promoting local participating businesses

Each time you select the Co-op Connections® Discount Card program graphic in the top left-hand corner of, a list of  eight local businesses, eight regional businesses and eight featured offers, which are usually nationally based businesses, are displayed. These lists displayed are unique to each user, each time the page is accessed. “This way, we’re able to feature all of the local, regional and national business on a rotating basis,” says Penelope Hinson, manager of public relations, marketing and energy management at Horry Electric Cooperative.

As of today, the Horry Electric local business list includes 118 participants. “We’ve tried to feature local Co-op Connections® Discount Card program business participants on our Facebook page, through our Twitter feed and through South Carolina Living magazine,” continues Hinson. “But with a list that continues to grow, we’ve been looking for options to give the participating businesses additional opportunities for exposure on a more consistent basis.”

One option considered is accessing the  Co-op Connections® Discount Card program  site that is unique to Horry Electric Cooperative on a specific day each week and then featuring the eight businesses that appear through the various social media outlets used by the cooperative. 

“Effective tomorrow morning,  members can start looking for a  “Co-op Connections® Local Businesses of the Week” feature from us on our website, on our Facebook page, via Twitter and any other resources we might have available,” says Hinson. Being among the featured businesses each week will be  exclusive to the local businesses participating in the Co-op Connections® Discount Card program through Horry Electric Cooperative. 

Horry Electric will test the new method of promoting local businesses participating in the Co-op Connections® program for 8 weeks.  “If it helps us carry out our goal to spread the word about this benefit to our members, we’ll continue it,” says Hinson.

Questions? Contact Toni Gore, local business coördinator of the Co-op Connections® Discount Card program at Horry Electric Cooperative, via email or by calling 843.369.6359.

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