“Meet your linemen” a definite hit

Photo courtesy of Walter Allread; ECSC

Always looking for unique ways to educate and inform members at the Annual Meeting of Members, Horry Electric added an interactive display  to the lineup this year and it was definitely a big hit. 

 “The idea for our new “Meet Your Linemen”  booth came from a sister cooperative in Georgia,” explains Penelope Hinson, manager of public relations, marketing and energy management at Horry Electric. “They had great success with it as a school program and as a feature at their Annual Meeting, so we thought we’d give it a try.”

 “Jessie Hendrick, operations assistant and Ashley Johnson, training coördinator for Horry Electric, made contact with the people who originally developed the concept and then they took the ball and ran with  it from there, ” says Hinson.

“The display is really geared toward kids, but we had plenty of adults who wanted to go through the booth and then have their photograph taken with a lineman in the bucket that was part of the display,” says Hinson. 

As members and kids waited in line for their picture to be taken, they were able  to see and even try their hand at some of the tasks required of linemen using the very same tools used on the job.  “The job of a lineman is not easy and safety is always a primary focus,” says Hinson, adding that rubber gloves and harnesses were all a part of the materials participants could touch and even try on for size.

Meet your Linemen was such a big hit this year that co-op officials  already have it on the list of displays being planned for the 2013 Annual Meeting.

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