Check mailbox for official registration postcard

Members of Horry Electric Cooperative are encouraged to watch for the arrival of their official registration postcard in the mail.   “When you get it, please put it in a safe place and then make sure you bring it with you when you come to the Annual Meeting on April 3,” says James P. “Pat” Howle, executive vice president and chief executive officer of Horry Electric.  The postcards were mailed yesterday.

A snapshot of the card was featured in the March edition of South Carolina Living. “We wanted to be sure members knew what to be on the lookout for so they wouldn’t miss it,” says Howle.

All members of Horry Electric Cooperative received an invitation to the Annual Meeting.  The registration gift, which is a $15 electric bill credit, is available only to members who register, in person, at the Annual Meeting of Members between the hours of noon and 7 p.m. on April 3. “To register, members will need to bring the official registration postcard they received in the mail addressed to them, plus a photo ID,” says Howle.

In order to conduct business at the Annual Meeting, a quorum must be present. “The purpose of the registration gift is to reward members who take the time to register and take part in the business meeting of their cooperative,” says Howle.  “Since we began offering the electric bill credit as a registration gift, we’ve been successful with achieving the quorum requirement of  5% of our total membership.”

In addition to bringing the registration postcard and a photo ID, members are also asked to bring along a little extra patience. “The registration lines can be long, but the process goes a lot faster and runs much more smoothly when you have your postcard and identification ready when you get to the front of the line,” says Howle.

For more information about the Annual Meeting of Members, access the March edition of South Carolina Living or the special cover wrap that is a Member-Owner’s Guide to Annual Meeting 2012.

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