Online outage map now available

HEC ONLINE OUTAGE VIEWERHorry Electric Cooperative  has launched a new online outage map to give members the ability to monitor outages  using any device with Internet access, including smart phones. Members can use this feature to check Horry Electric’s progress in restoring power until the outage is completely restored.

“Despite our best efforts to prevent outages, there are factors beyond our control, such as storms, winds and lightning that occasionally interrupt electric service,” says Kevin Jordan, distribution engineer for Horry Electric.  ” We understand that communication during these times is essential and that’s why we  use an outage management system.” 

When the power goes out, members of Horry Electric get on the telephone and begin calling their friends and neighbors to see who has electricity and who does not.  Some even call the local radio and television stations or local newspapers.  “With the new online outage map, all members of the Cooperative have to do is visit us online, ” says Jordan.

Displaying power outage information online allows any member with Internet access to see if power is out in their general area at the touch of a button. The map also displays how many outages the cooperative is experiencing throughout its entire distribution system. “This information can be beneficial in determining how long it may be before power is restored at a given location,” says Jordan. ” The more outages that there are on the map, the longer it could take to make repairs.”

Being able to view outages online should not take the place of the telephone call members make to report an outage at their location. “There is no guarantee that your specific outage has been reported unless you make the call yourself  to PowerTouch, our automated outage reporting system,” says Jordan.

“Members expect to have accurate and timely information regarding their electric service during outages and inclement weather,” says James P. “Pat” Howle, executive vice president and CEO of Horry Electric. “Making this information readily available online is just another way Horry Electric is meeting that challenge and looking out for members.”

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