Horry Electric offering $5000 reward

A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for breaking into Horry Electric Cooperative’s Brooksville substation and committing vandalism that resulted in a power outage. Approximately 4,500 members in the Longs/Little River area were without power from 1:36 a.m. until 7:08 a.m.  

The incident is being aggressively investigated by Horry Electric.  Details about the break-in and the specifics of the vandalism are not available.  “We don’t want to risk disclosing any information that could impact the case,” says James P. “Pat” Howle, executive vice president and CEO of Horry Electric Cooperative. “Trespassing on Horry Electric property and causing damage to our system that causes a hardship for our members is not acceptable and we’re pursuing this to the fullest extent possible.”

The South Carolina Code of Laws includes a section applicable to the malicious injury to telegraph, telephone or electric utility systems. Violation is considered to be a felony.

Horry Electric is offering the $5,000 reward in hopes of encouraging anyone to come forward if they saw or heard something that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the trespassing vandal(s).  “Anyone who has information can contact us at 843.369.2211 or call 843.369.6265,” says Howle.


SECTION 16‑11‑740. Malicious injury to telegraph, telephone or electric utility system. It is unlawful for a person, without the consent of the owner, to wilfully: (1) destroy, damage, or in any way injure a telegraph, telephone, electric utility system, satellite dish, or cable television system, including poles, cables, wires, fixtures, antennas, amplifiers, or other apparatus, equipment, or appliances; (2) obstruct, impede, or impair their services or transmissions or; (3) aid, agree with, employ, or conspire with a person to do or cause to be done any of the acts mentioned in this section.
A person who violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than ten years.

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