Tips to keep Halloween more festive than frightening

Graphic courtesy of Richard Biever

Halloween is the most festively frightening night of the year.  Here are some safety reminders to keep it more festive than frightening:

• As you’re decorating, make sure you check for cracked sockets; frayed, loose or bare wires; and loose connections.

• Fasten all outdoor lights securely to trees and other firm supports. Do not use nails or tacks that could puncture the insulating cords and damage the wires.

• Make sure decorative lighting is well-ventilated, protected from weather and a safe distance from anything flammable like dry leaves and shrubs. Do not coil power cords or extension cords while in use or tuck under rugs or drapes.

• Make sure all outdoor electrical lights and decorations are plugged into an outlet protected with a ground fault circuit interrupter. If your outlets aren’t equipped with GFCIs, have an electrician install them or buy a GFCI adapter plug.

• Don’t overload outlets with too many extension cords and strands of lights.

• Keep the cords off the walkways and porch where trick-or-treaters will tread. You don’t want them to trip.

• Leave your porch light on for trick-or-treaters, and be sure to turn out all the spooky lights and decorations before leaving home or going to bed. This will also save energy.

For more safety tips and some pretty cool interactive electrical games, visit and explore Electric Universe, a program of Safe

Source:  Be ‘Willie’ Wise..WITH ELECTRICITY; a publication of Indiana’s electric cooperative community, featuring Willie Wiredhand.

Willie Wiredhand ©NRECA


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