WARNING: Stay out of substations

HEC ONLY ACCESS - DANGER - KEEP OUT - WARNING - HIGH VOLTAGE - Call 369-2211 or dial 9-1-1 to report trespassers or problems in Horry Electric substations

There are fences around all of Horry Electric Cooperative’s substations. ‘Danger – Keep Out’ and ‘Warning – High Voltage’ signs are posted on them to discourage people from going into the substation.

“Most people understand the warning signs and respect that it’s not a good idea to go into a substation yard,” says Brian Chestnut, safety coördinator for Horry Electric, adding that it never hurts to send out a reminder and make sure folks understand exactly why the warnings are there.

Stay out of substations

High voltage power is constantly being fed into the substation through transmission lines. It goes out of the substation at a lower distribution voltage to the homes and businesses in the area.

There’s always a lot of power flowing through the substation. Some of the pieces of equipment in the substation could be energized at more than 100,000 volts. 

Substation technicians, co-op linemen and maintenance crews have to go through extensive training to be able to work in high-voltage situations and to recognize and avoid potential hazards.

“You can avoid potential hazards by staying on your side of the substation fence,” says Chestnut. “Leave the inside work and the danger to us.”

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