It’s deer season – stay safe

Deer season is in full swing and Horry Electric has the following tips for deer hunters.

Do not place deer stands on utility poles or climb poles. Energized lines and equipment on the poles can conduct electricity to anyone who comes in contact with them, causing shock or electrocution.

Do not shoot at, or near, birds perching on utility lines. That goes for any type of firearm, including pistols, rifles or shotguns. Since hunters using shotguns cannot control the spread pattern of a shot, stray shot can damage lines or other equipment.  Not only could such damage cause outages, it could also cause the lines to fall, increasing the risk of shock or electrocution.

Do not place decoys on power lines or other utility equipment. South Carolina Law code section 16-11-750 prohibits “unlawful injury or interference with electric lines” including obstruction of power lines and poles. Anything attached to a pole besides utility equipment can pose an obstruction – and a serious hazard –  to electric cooperative employees as they perform utility operations.

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