S.C. co-ops show grassroots power

In a single day, South Carolina cooperatives mounted a nation-leading effort to urge members of Congress to not classify coal ash as hazardous. The state’s co-ops sent a total of 628 emailed messages to our six U.S. House members, double the next largest number by any state. All but one of the messages was generated in one day – last Friday.

Congressmen were urged to fight the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to call fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag and flue gas desulfurization materials–the byproducts from burning coal–hazardous. The EPA has on four prior occasions determined it did not merit such classification. Such a change, NRECA said, would cost the electric utility industry billions of dollars in increased costs.

 In thanking South Carolina co-ops for their efforts, Senior Grassroots Data Advisor Amanda Wolfe said, “They say the difference between  try and triumph is a little umph, and like always, South Carolina always gives us a giant UMPH!”

Eighty-eight of the communications registered came from employees, trustees and members of Horry Electric Cooperative who responded to Take Action, make HEC voices heard , which was distributed via blog and RSS feed on horryelectric.com, Facebook and Twitter.

Source:  The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina

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