Co-ops are all around you!

If you’ve turned on the lights; watched cable television; talked to someone on your cell phone or land line;  had some orange or cranberry juice or even read an AP news story in the local newspaper today, then you’ve been touched by a cooperative.  They’re all around us!

More than 800 million people around the world belong to cooperatives.  In a co-op, people are motivated by a shared need for a product or service, like electricity.

Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc. was organized April 24, 1940 with 627 charter members. Today, the Cooperative serves nearly 64,000 active meters through 22 substations across more than 4,000 miles of distribution line in Horry County.

To learn more about us, visit and explore

To learn more about cooperatives, why they matter and maybe even how to start one of your own, visit

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