We’ll pay you to stay in hot water!

If you’re an Horry Electric member and you’re ready for a new water heater, let us know. We offer rebates of $125 and $250 for qualifying installations. Qualification includes an agreement to allow load control on the unit.

Free financing is also available:
Horry Electric will make all the financing arrangements for you and provide no-interest, no-cost, upfront financing. This option is available to qualified members with a new minimum 50-gallon water heater with load control device. Payments are spread equally over 12 months and are added to your Horry Electric bill.
How does it save you money?
Your new electric water heater will give you plenty of hot water for washing clothes, showering and other things when you need it. However, the unit will operate only during off-peak hours, when demand for electricity is lowest. In other words, H2O Select saves Horry Electric money by working during off-hours, and then the cooperative passes the savings on to you.

For more information on the H2O Select water heater program, visit horryelectric.com.  We also offer Marathon water heaters!

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