Holding true to values, what matters most

A lot of businesses spend a great deal of time and money telling us about their values, but do they go any deeper than just talking about it? Do they really live out their values through their actions?

Making it clear

I’m probably a little biased because I work for a cooperative, but I firmly believe that we are one form of business that clearly lives out our values.

Cooperatives are member-owned and member-controlled. We are run solely by people who live and work in the communities we serve. That gives us a little different perspective than businesses owned by investors in other states or even in other countries Cooperatives operate with a shared set of values: honesty, openness, caring for others and social responsibility.

An example of how Horry Electric has demonstrated these values is in how we have handled the dramatic 53 percent increase in the cost of power since 2004.

While it’s true that a 3.1 percent increase from current rates is going into effect next month, it doesn’t come close to the harsh reality of the increased cost of power we’ve been faced with since our last price increase in 2003. Horry Electric has worked hard to keep you, our members, informed about what affects costs, what we’re doing to mitigate it and what you can do to help make an impact on your own electric bills.

Member response is strong

As has been the case since Horry Electric was formed in 1940, the membership of this organization lets us know what matters. As a result of our actions to demonstrate the values we hold true, you’re responding by taking action.

You have contacted your legislators as we have asked to let them know we’re holding them accountable for decisions they make that impact electric bills.

You’re staying in tune with our efforts to communicate by reading this publication; visiting us at horryelectric.com; becoming a fan on Facebook; following us on Twitter and keeping up with news on our blog. Many have even signed up to receive email updates directly from me.

More than five percent of you are participating in the Annual Meeting each year to learn what’s going on at your co-op and to elect fellow members as representatives on the board of trustees.

One of the biggest things members are doing is taking advantage of the programs, services and tools we have available. Everything is at your fingertips on horryelectric.com or at the other end of the line at (843) 369-2211.

Looking out for you is what matters most to us, and we appreciate every opportunity we have to demonstrate our values.

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