Putting members first

"We put members first because that's the way a co-op operates; plain and simple," says James P. "Pat" Howle, executive vice president and CEO of Horry Electric.

Go ahead, ask us what makes cooperatives different!

 Horry Electric is a cooperative. Our consumers aren’t customers; they’re members, and they each own a part of the co-op. So, it’s only natural for us to run the cooperative with their best interests in mind. We generate revenue, but only as much as we need to operate. We don’t set our rates to make profits for shareholders who don’t live in the communities we serve – money we receive for payment for services stays hard at work, locally.

Value in membership

We create a value in co-op membership. We offer programs like the Rural Electric Youth Tour and Bright Ideas Grants to enrich the lives of young people. We conduct safety programs for folks of all ages, teaching everyone to use electricity with care. We help our members manage energy use with programs like Advance Pay, MyUsage.com and Billing Insights. Being a member of Horry Electric Cooperative means something.

Each and every one of us who works here is an ambassador of Horry Electric. If we’re out in the community – at the grocery store or at ball practice with friends and family – and a member poses tough questions, we will be happy to explain the value in co-op membership. We explain that we exist only to provide safe, affordable and reliable power, and to support our local communities. We put members first because that’s the way a co-op operates; plain and simple.

Locally focused

We don’t usually have to explain ourselves because many of our members know us personally. After all, most of us grew up here and we all live here in the communities the co-op serves. Many members also know that Horry Electric employees, both current and retired, have put the basic co-op principles and the four values of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives into practice for decades.

Those values have not changed over our history. What’s different today is the challenges we face – uncertainty about our nation’s energy future and rising costs. We use the best, proven, new technologies to control costs as best we can. We are also committed to keeping you informed about policy changes that will impact your bill. All you have to do is ‘stay tuned’ to our communications efforts.

Above all, we stay focused on you, our members. We’re looking out for you.


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