Simplify your life

Pay your electric bill on time, every time – without writing a check! Bank Draft is the easiest, safest, most convenient and least expensive way to pay your electric bill. 

You’ll still receive monthly statements showing kilowatt-hour use and the amount due, but you won’t have to write a check, come to the office or pay a visit to the night deposit box after hours. Instead, we’ll draft your checking or savings account for the amount due on the date indicated on your bill.

Simplify your life! Sign up forms and additional details are available at the Horry Electric Cooperative office near you or, you can download the Bank Draft brochure, which includes an application. Fill in the information and then send it back to us for processing.

Please note that it may take a few days to process your request; so continue to pay your bill until ‘Bank Draft’ appears on it. After that, you’ll never have to remember to write a check to Horry Electric to pay your electric bill again!

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