Exciting opportunity for local businesses

Members of Horry Electric, as well as the members of other participating Touchstone Energy® cooperatives across the country, have been provided with a Co-op Connections® card which, in turn, provides them with discounts on a variety of products and services all across the United States.   

“The Co-op Connections card definitely helps us deliver more value to our members, but it can also help participating businesses with increased traffic,” says Toni Gore, marketing and public relations assistant for Horry Electric Cooperative. “Not only do they get  exposure to our total membership, but the door is also open to millions more members served by our fellow Touchstone Energy cooperatives.”

The discounts offered by businesses vary from flat rate discounts to buy one and receive a second half price. “We have a total  of 110 local  businesses in the Horry County area participating and we’d like to grow our list,” says Gore. “If potential participants would like to see a list of the businesses and explore the discounts, all they have to do is access horryelectric.com and click on the Co-op Connections card icon in the top, left-hand corner. 

Business categories include automotive/motorcycle; dining; energy efficiency; entertainment; food/convenience store; health and fitness; home and garden; office/professional services; recreation and travel.

Participating businesses are featured on the Horry Electric Co-op Connections site at no charge. “We also periodically feature local businesses and the discounts they are offering on our Facebook page and in South Carolina Living magazine,” says Gore, adding that is also done at no charge to the participating business.  “Other than the discount a business decides to offer, it doesn’t cost one penny to take part in the program.”

For details on the program and how to become a participating business,  please contact  Toni Gore by phone at 843.369.2211 or via email at toni.gore@horryelectric.com.


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