Energy advisors available for civic and church group presentations

Horry Electric’s team of energy advisors is ready and available to speak to civic and church groups.  “We have a lot of useful online tools and information to share with members that can have a direct impact on the way they use energy in their homes,” says Eddy Blackburn, marketing analyst for Horry Electric.  “We’re getting the word out about our TogetherWeSave campaignBillingInsights, and Advance Pay through our usual methods of communication, but the information and tools we have to share make a bigger impact when we can actually share them directly with members in a small group setting.” 

Garrett Gasque, marketing representative for Horry Electric, agrees.  “I’ve spoken to two different Kiwanis groups in the past several weeks and received positive feedback from attendees after both meetings,” he says. “They had read about the various tools we have available to members, but they hadn’t taken the time to actually see them in action and see how they might benefit them when it comes to their own use of electricity.”  

Blackburn, with the help of Ricky Lowder, senior marketing representative  for Horry Electric, recently presented a program to members of Green Sea Baptist Church.  “Our experience was pretty much the same as Garrett’s experience with the Kiwanis groups,” says Blackburn. “A few of the attendees had taken the time to investigate the tools they’d read about and had been proactively using them, but most hadn’t taken any action,” he continues.  “Judging from their reactions to our presentation, I suspect most of them went home to share what they learned with family and friends.”

To coördinate a possible time for Horry Electric’s team of energy advisors to speak to your civic or church group, please contact Toni Gore, public relations and marketing assistant for Horry Electric,  at 843.369.2211 or by emailing

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