Read meter to get a grip on power use

Eddy Blackburn, marketing analyst for Horry Electric,  has a challenge for co-op members: “Read your meter to get a grip on power use.”

“Reading your meter helps you become more aware of your overall energy use and being aware is the first step to making wise decisions,” he advises members. “Making even small changes can add up to big savings.”

“Simply write down the numbers shown on the meter, then compare them to the numbers shown a day later,” explains Blackburn. “Then multiply the result by 30 to predict monthly power use,” he continued. “To impact the amount of energy used  from day-to-day, you can make adjustments to the thermostat or make any of the other small changes we recommend  changes to control energy use.”

“By the time the bill arrives, it’s too late to make adjustments,” he notes.  “That’s why we have been so excited about,” he adds.  “It’s FREE to members and it eliminates the need to physically read your meter every day.” is a power awareness program that helps users save money and the environment by promoting energy conservation.

Visit for a comprehensive guide to energy savings.

To see how your home uses energy, check out BillingInsights!

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