Have you thought about Surge Guard?

To reduce problems associated with indirect lightning and power surges, Horry Electric offers affordable, flexible protection through its Surge Guard® program.

Surge Guard helps protect against unexpected voltage surges that can harm or even ruin electronic devices such as Major Appliances and TVs, VCRs or personal computers.

 Two Steps is all it takes The first step of the program takes place outside at the meter base. The second step takes place indoors – where individual surge supressors are installed to provide your television, telephone, stereo and other electronic equipment with reliable, state-of-the-art surge protection.

Horry Electric can help you find the right protection for your specifc needs.  “Please keep in mind that a good ground system is essential for surge equipment to work properly,” says Ricky Lowder, senior marketing and energy management representative for Horry Electric. “Before installation, we’ll check to make sure the required external safety ground exists at the service entrance,” he continues, adding that installation may be delayed if problems are found. “The same is true if the electrical wiring inside the home is inadequate.”  To avoid such delays, Horry Electric suggests securing the services of a licensed, bonded electrician to verify there are no grounding or electric wiring issues prior to scheduling an appointment for Surge Guard to be installed.

Want to learn more?  Read the online Surge Guard brochure  or call 843.369.2211 for more information.  Listen carefully to the menu options and select  ‘energy information or marketing programs’ when prompted.

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