Do you have an energy saving story to share?

It has been just over a year since Horry Electric first told members about, a FREE power awareness program that can help members save money and the environment by promoting energy conservation.  Today, there are more than 1,430 members signed up and actively participating in the program.

“At, members can see the amount of energy they’re using on a daily basis; view their daily use for the last 30 days along with the average temperature and can even set up email alerts for daily use and use that exceeds a limit they specify,” says Gail Morton, supervisor of consumer services for Horry Electric.  “If you haven’t already taken advantage of the FREE service, signing up is easy,” she adds, pointing to a flyer the Cooperative produced for distribution at the Annual Meeting of Members in April. The flyer includes step-by-step instructions for first-time visitors to the site.

“We know we have a lot of members taking advantage of the service,” says Eddy Blackburn, marketing analyst for Horry Electric.  “But, other than the member who contacted us a few weeks ago about the service alerting them to  a spike in their daily kWh, we haven’t gotten much feedback about how members are putting the information to work for them.”  The member’s spike in energy use was attributed to an equipment problem with their heat pump.  “Once it was repaired, their daily use went back in line with what was typical for that account,” says Blackburn.

Horry Electric wants to hear from members who are putting to work for them.  “If members have used this online tool  to track their daily use and have successfully adjusted their habits to make a difference in their daily use of energy, we want to hear from them,” says Penelope Hinson, manager of public relations, marketing and energy management. “We might even feature the information in an announcement on our blog or in a future edition of South Carolina Living.”

Members who have a story to share can easily do so by simply accessing any of the email options provided as active links on the  Contact  page of  “Be sure to include your account number in your email communication so we can look up any necessary or detailed information before making contact with you,” says Hinson.  “Your name, telephone number and location address are helpful, but not necessary if your account information is up to date in our system,” she adds.

Questions?  Call 843.369.2211 for details.

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