It’s FREE and it takes less than 10 minutes

In less than 10 minutes, members of Horry Electric can learn more about their home’s energy use than they imagined might be possible!  To get started, all you need is your Horry Electric account number and access to

“On the bottom, left-hand portion of the home page of our Web site, you’ll see a BillingInsights button,” says Garrett Gasque, marketing and energy management representative for Horry Electric.  “Click on that button and you’ll be on your way to accessing one of the most powerful energy tools available online.”

On the screen that pops up after the button is clicked, members are prompted to enter their Horry Electric account number, load it and then select the “I am interested in viewing or printing a comprehensive report of my energy use” option. 

“You’ll need to complete a Home Profile so the BillingInsights tool can get the information it needs to run a calculation and then present you with detailed results,” says Gasque, adding that the accuracy of the results are dependent on user input.

BillingInsights is tied to actual billing and kWh use history for the account, our local weather data and our rates so members don’t have to worry about that part of the program,” says Gasque, adding that members do have to worry about entering the information in their Home Profile as accurately as possible.  “If you truly want to get a valid report and are looking to make a real difference in your monthly electric bill, then the information you put into the system is critical,” he says.

Little things can make a difference in the way energy dollars are spent in a home and each home on the Horry Electric system is unique. “The Home Profile includes details like the type of home and the number of occupants; the number and types of televisions used and even the type, age and temperature setting of the water heater in the home,” says Gasque.  “All those inputs figure into the final, comprehensive report.”

The report, which can be printed or emailed to any email address provided by the member, includes annual electric cost, monthly electric cost, the difference from the previous month and even the difference from last year. “The impact weather or the number of days in the billing cycle might have had on energy use is also part of the report,” says Gasque, noting that these two factors sometimes make the greatest difference in bills from month to month.

Two other great features of BillingInsights are low-cost/no-cost recommendations and suggestions for long-term investments that can help lower energy costs.  “The low-cost/no cost recommendations range from temperatures settings to water heaters to adjusting the setting on your thermostat,” says Gasque. “The long-term investment suggestions range from having your home professionally weatherized to changing out older appliances to newer, more efficient Energy Star® appliances.”

Want to see a full report?

Want to track your energy use on a daily basis?

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