Horry Electric CEO launches new communications effort

“Decisions being made in the nation’s capital will impact our electric bills in the future,” says James P. “Pat” Howle, executive vice president and CEO of Horry Electric Cooperative. ” To stay connected to the latest news with email updates directly from me, sign up for our latest communications program – CEO to Member Email.”

The sign-up process is easy and contact information will be used for cooperative business purposes only.  “Subscriptions are managed and maintained by Horry Electric Cooperative News and Information,” says Howle. “The communications subscribers will be receiving in their inbox will be from me,” he added.

Howle announced the availability of  the program at the Annual Meeting of Members, which was held last week.  “It’s another way we’re looking out for our members,” he said, adding that staying in touch and keeping members informed is a priority for the Cooperative. Other communications tools used by the Cooperative include South Carolina Living, which is mailed to members who opt to receive news from the Cooperative and is also posted on horryelectric.com each month; a Facebook page; a blog and a news feed that appears on the front page of horryelectric.com.

Interested in signing up?  Just click on the link provided to get started with the registration process. 


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