HEC increases power of online tool

Before today, members accessing the HomeEnergyCalculator  on horryelectric.com could only get an ESTIMATE of the energy used in a home that met the specifications entered when filling out the profile.   The calculator was not tied to billing history or account data.  The estimated results were totally dependent on user input.  

 “The power of this already valuable online tool was increased  for our members today with the addition of  BillingInsights to our HomeEnergyCalculator ,” says Penelope Hinson, manager of public relations, marketing and energy management. “Instead of getting an ESTIMATE based only on user input, the calculator now links directly to the member’s actual billing history.”

Linking the calculator to actual member billing history gives the member the ability to view energy use and costs by month, over a 13-month period. The profile is saved for whenever the member returns to the application. “This is a particularly helpful function, as the application can compare the bill to the optimal profile for that type home, location and patterns of energy use,” says Ricky Lowder, senior marketing and energy management representative for Horry Electric.

The HomeEnergyCalculator, with the addition of BillingInsights, lets the user try various scenarios like adjusting heating or cooling settings, adding insulation, or installing storm windows. They can also preview cost-savings actions that would fit their budget and see the impact of longer-term investments.

“Running a whole calculation takes less than 10 minutes,” says Lowder.  

“The calculator on our website is the latest-generation home energy application available on the market,” says Hinson. ” The tool meshes perfectly with the needs of our members who are super-focused on controlling energy costs.”

Horry Electric recognizes there is plenty of information on the Internet about how to save energy. “This tool helps us show members exactly where their energy dollars are going, the month-to-month differences, and the cost savings of implementing the suggestions the tool gives them,” says Lowder.

Available to you wherever and whenever you have access to horryelectric.com , it’s FREE and takes less than 10 minutes to complete! “Give us a call if you have question about using the tool,” says Lowder. “We can help walk you through the process and will be glad to do so.”

Members are also encouraged to sign up to track their daily energy use with MyUsage.com.

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