Safety programs available for school, church and civic clubs

Horry Electric Cooperative offers two safety programs. 

Trouble in Tiny Town is always a hit with the kids who attend Annual Meeting with their parents.

Trouble in Tiny Town  is an electrical safety program designed for elementary, middle and high schools; community groups; civic groups and churches. The presentation provides information about the potential dangers of electricity on a small scale.  To schedule a demonstration in Horry County, contact Brian Chestnut via email or by phone at 843.369.2211.

 Horry Electric Cooperative has been a part of the McGruff Truck program since 1999.  McGruff is available for school, church or civic presentations.  He and his crew spend time with an average of about 2,000 students at elementary schools in Horry County each year. They also make appearances at various community events.  To schedule a program for the kids in your school or church group, contact Toni Gore via email or by calling 843.369.2211.

Look for Tiny Town and McGruff at the 2011 Annual Meeting of Members, scheduled for Tuesday, April 12. Details will be in the April edition of South Carolina Living.

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