Co-op Connections is now an App on your iPhone/iPad/iPod

Lost your Co-op Connections Card?  Forget to take it with you, but still want the prescription drug discount? No problem, just whip out your phone.  

From report by Michael Kahn, Senior

The new, free Co-op Connections app is available for download for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Once you get it downloaded, the program will prompt you to select your co-op and then lock it in place.

“The opening screen will have the card front with the option of going to the co-op’s own Co-op Connections website,” explains Jason McGrade, senior Web development and social media specialist for Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives.

“If you select the card, the back of the card will display, showcasing the pharmacy discount information. that can be presented to a pharmacist who can use that information to give the discount if you don’t have your physical card in hand.”

The app features an alphabetized list of the more than 100 national deals now offered through the Co-op Connections Card program. “You can select each one and that, in turn, takes you to the deal,” McGrade says. “if it’s an e-commerce deal, you click on the link provided, or if it’s a coupon code, that information is available.”

You can also click to call merchants, as well as Toni Gore, public relations and marketing assistant at Horry Electric. Gore is the local co-op employee who handles the Co-op Connections Card and coördinates local business offers.  Another option allows you to save the deal, archiving it to the device.  

In phase two, now under development, the app will include local deals, a search feature and a category setup. the app will also be expanded to other platforms such as Droid.

To download the app, go to the iTunes Store and, in the search box, type ‘Co-op Connections’.

Questions about the Co-op Connections program at Horry Electric? 

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