Say ‘goodbye’ to late fees

No more late fees? No more disconnect or reconnect fees? No more security deposit? With Horry Electric’s new Advance Pay, a pay-as-you-go plan, you can say ‘goodbye’ to all of that and ‘HELLO’ to flexibility and control.

“That’s right,” says Jodi H. Braziel, office manager for Horry Electric Cooperative. “Our new program gives members the opportunity to pay for electricity when they want and in the amounts they want. Participants won’t have to worry about late fees, disconnect or reconnect fees.”

Participants in the program do not get a monthly bill, but that is because they are paying for electric service in advance instead of after it has already been used. “The program also eliminates the need for a security deposit,” says Braziel.

“The program isn’t for everyone, but if it would be easier for you to make weekly or biweekly payments rather than one large payment each month, then you’ll want to consider Advance Pay,” says Danny Shelley, chief financial officer for the cooperative. 

Conservation is another benefit to consider when thinking about the program. “Members who choose prepaid electricity programs say it helps them lower electric consumption due to a greater awareness of use patterns,” says Shelley. Use is calculated daily and account history is available online and by phone, any time of day or night.

“Before making a decision about participating in the program, we encourage members to carefully read the Advance Pay Agreement/Terms and Conditions to determine if it is the right choice for them,” says Braziel.  “Once a member decides to participate, they’ll need to plan a trip to either of our office locations during regular business hours to get signed up for the program,” she advises. “Service representatives need to work one-on-one with members to help set up their user profile, which includes establishing account notification alerts by phone, text message or by e-mail.” 

While the program is limited to members with residential, single-phase service, Advance Pay is not exclusive to new members.  Existing members can switch to an Advance Pay account. “A visit to the office is still required,” says Braziel.  “In addition to creating a user profile and establishing account notification alerts, our service representatives will need to work with members to close their existing account, take care of any balance on that account and then open the ir new Advance Pay account with the required minimum $50 credit balance and  $20 connect fee.”  Specific details are outlined in the Advance Pay Agreement/Terms and Conditions form, which can be found in the Advance Pay content on

Account history such as energy use, charges and payments are available to Advance Pay participants at or by phone, toll-free at 1.877.775.5870.  “Payments, which can be made in any amount and  at any time to keep up a credit balance on the account, are accepted in the form of cash, personal check, money order or cashier’s check in our office during regular business hours,” says Braziel.  Speedpay transaction fees apply to any payments made by telephone at 843.369.2211 or online at  

Payments made online through a member’s financial institution are also accepted and  a list of local, conveniently located pay stations is kept up-to-date on the bill payment options page of   “Members who choose to use any of our established pay stations must have their billing statement and account number with them in order for their transaction to be processed and a credit applied to their account,” says Braziel, adding that Advance Pay account wallet cards are also provided to members at the time of sign-up.

Questions?  Call 843.369.2211 and ask to speak to a service representative about Advance Pay.

Want to monitor your daily energy use without signing up for Advance Pay?

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